Friday, 30 April 2010

Chapter 6 Teasers

All the positive responses I got for the last chapter were great - thanks so much to all of you who read it, and especially to those who reviewed :).

Without further ado, here are the teasers - both a pictease and a written teaser:

“I just don't want to get into something that's more than one night," she told me with a heavy sigh. "I can't do it. You wouldn't like who I was if you really knew me. You already know a little too much about me.”

I realised she was referring to her own self-destructive habits, and she cast her eyes down in embarrassment. “That doesn't matter one bit. I doubt you'd like the real me, either,” I told her. Actually, it did matter, and I really hated that she did it, but I knew it was her problem to deal with. This conversation was getting a little too deep, considering the fact that we were in a loud rock club. “Okay, fine,” I added. “I know you're not looking for anything serious, and neither am I. Can't we just...hang out?” I left a pause for suggestiveness, but I was sure it wasn't necessary. She knew what I meant, either way.

“I don't think that would be good for me,” she muttered, her expression still careful. Well, actually, Bella, I think it would be very good for me. But hey...“You're not my type, Jasper. And I'm not the kind of girl you'd want. I'm not...normal.”

Bella definitely wasn't my type either. For one thing, her breasts were definitely her own. I involuntarily shot a glance at her neckline, taking in the soft curves of her cleavage that peeked out of the tank top. Stop it! I returned my gaze to her face, and it seemed she hadn't noticed my blatant leering.

“Can you even believe for just a second that I'm not some total jerk?”

“No,” she told me as she squared her hands on her hips, her brown eyes blazing with an unquenchable fire. She looked stunning, even if she was pissed at me, and I couldn't help feeling slightly in awe of her. “You're a bartender. I don't think that usually translates into being Mr Reliable.”

In spite of myself, I bristled at that comment. “It's my fucking job, Bella,” I spat. “It doesn't make me who I am.”

“Then what does?” Her gaze was searching, and she looked like she was afraid of the answer.

Hope you all enjoyed that and the next chapter is coming soon.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Chapter 5 Pictease and Teaser

Hi guys! Sorry for taking such a long-ass time to get around to this chapter, but I had to take a break to complete my thesis. Things are now pretty much back on schedule. The next chapter will go live hopefully early next week, it's currently with my wonderful beta.

Here's the pictease for Chapter 5: Control:

And the teaser:

“Bella,” Angela began reluctantly, “are your lips...bruised?” One of her eyebrows arched as she said this, and I knew there was no point trying to hide it from her. I was pretty sure she wouldn't tell anyone, so there was no chance of everyone on campus thinking I was a whore.

“So that's why you weren't in when I got home from the movies late last night,” she surmised, blushing a little herself. There was a pause, and I took another bite of my breakfast to alleviate the anxiety I felt about actually telling someone else something about my life.

“Yeah,” I said finally, looking her squarely in the eye. “I met this guy last night, and went back to his place. But shh. And he's not a psycho, don't worry.” As I said that, I had to stifle a snort. I had no idea whether Jasper was a psycho or not, he could have been. No, I think he's just screwed up as hell about something. Maybe an ex-girlfriend. Angela smiled kindly, taking a sip of her coffee and pouring a mug for me. I took the hot drink, cradling it in my hands as I waited for her to speak.

“Well, I guess it's your business, Bella,” she said quietly, stirring her coffee with pursed lips. Her expression was a little odd, and I was immediately worried. Had I said too much? I relaxed as her face creased into a smile. “Just tell me one thing,” she said in a conspiratorial tone. “Was he hot?”

I laughed. That was so not an Angela thing to say, but I kind of loved her for saying it anyway.
“Oh, Ang,” I sighed, twisting a strand of hair round my fingers. “You have no idea. It was amazing.”

Hope you liked it!


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