Sunday, 31 January 2010

Teaser for my new fic!

Summary: 20-year-old Bella Swan came to study in London to escape her painful past. She meets Jasper Whitlock, a charismatic bartender who hides the fact he is just as haunted as she is. Can they help each other to heal? M for profanity, disturbing imagery & graphic lemons.
Teaser below. Please excuse grammar/spelling/flow errors as I'm still working on it & haven't sent it to my beta yet:

A moment later, his eyes turned to me and I jolted as if he'd shocked me with an electric current. A smirk was playing on his face. Had he caught me looking? My breath caught in my chest and my heart fluttered as I watched him hand the drink to a customer and operate the till. I carefully seated myself on a bar stool and absently drummed my fingers on the wood as I watched him make his way over to me.
A pair of brilliant blue eyes met mine. “What can I get you, darlin'?” he said with an easy smile. I detected a distinctive Southern US accent, and the way the vowels and consonants rolled off his tongue made his voice sound like liquid sugar. I wanted to hear this gorgeous man speak again

 Pic tease below:

Comments will get Bella to wear those panties in a later chapter! *wink*

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Welcome everyone!

This is my first blog ever, so excuse me for being a total n00b about how it all works. If you're on here leave me a comment and say hi!

I'm a fanfic writer & reader who indulges in between working on a thesis (if you have me on Twitter you'll hear me complaining about this on a regular basis). I frickin' love the Twifandom and decided to start a blog just for fun.

I'll be posting my favourite FF's up on here, as well as some pics and teasers. Coming up next, just for Tan - a teaser & a pictease for my Jasper/Bella A/H fic I will begin posting soon!

glitteratiglue xxx

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