Tuesday, 22 June 2010

ICF Chapter 9 Teasers

So, how long have you know Jasper?” I asked nonchalantly, absently twisting my hair round my fingers. Esme looked up from where she was stacking wine glasses in the dishwasher.

Oh, about three years, I think,” she said airily, rinsing her hands in the sink. “I met him at a book reading and we just hit it off.” She smiled fondly at the memory. “He's attractive, don't you think?”

I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers,” I replied, trying to inject some humour to make my questions more innocuous. She laughed.

Nor would most girls. But there's more to him than you'd think. Sure, he works in a bar, but he's got an impressive book collection and he's well-educated. He's quite a private person though, so I guess he doesn't like everyone knowing that.” My mind recalled an apartment with white walls and wooden floors, where there were glass shelves crammed with books. Yes, I knew that Jasper liked to read.

If he's so well-educated, why does he work in a bar?” My interest was piqued. I'd known from the moment I'd met him that he was intelligent, but this was more than I'd expected.

You'd have to ask him that,” Esme said slowly, casting her eyes down to the floor. She looked up, and to my relief, she didn't seem angry. “Look, he likes to play the confident, cocky guy, but underneath it all he's a real sweetheart. He always looks after me. Don't tell him I said that, though – he'd be mortified.”

I wouldn't. I guess everyone has different sides to them,” I replied, nodding. “Is he seeing anyone at the minute?” I couldn't resist adding.

Teehee. I'm hoping it will be up by next week. Thanks for reading!  xxx

Saturday, 19 June 2010

ICF 8 - Polyvore Set

I love Esme's shoes so much, JS. Teaser for chapter 9 is coming soon! xx

Friday, 4 June 2010

Fics4Nashville Teaser - ICF outtake

Donors/authors for the Fics4Nashville fundraiser will be getting this on the 5th, but I thought I'd post a quick teaser anyway. This is an outtake from ICF, a continuation of Bella's flashback in chapter 5. It's rated M and is an E/B pairing:

"Have I told you yet how utterly seductive you look right now, Miss Swan?" Edward said, biting his lip as he appraised me. I felt a sudden spark of desire that fired straight to my core and was forced to fight the embarrassing urge to rub my thighs together to relieve the pressure. I giggled nervously, blushing a colour that matched the pink, floral sundress that I wore. It was admittedly quite skimpy, and I hadn't been sure whether to put it on that morning. I reddened further, but there was only adoration in Edward's eyes.

His lips found my forehead, my eyelids, and then my cheeks, stopping just short of my lips. "It's lovely when you blush." I dragged him to me then, devouring his mouth with frantic urgency, and a slight edge of anger. I was a tad pissed off, to be honest, that he'd gone out of his way to bribe an Ivy League university just so we could go there together. And at the same time unfathomably grateful. It was a heady cocktail of emotions. He groaned into my mouth, and the next second, had swept me up into his arms.

He carried me up the stairs to my bedroom, and we both laughed when I accidentally bumped my head on the rafters that were halfway up. He placed me on the bed carefully and unbuckled my white sandals one by one, caressing my feet gently as he dropped them to the floor. He kicked his own sandals off. Sweat was beginning to bead on my forehead, for the roof was stiflingly hot from the 86° weather outside, unprecedented heat for Forks in April. I suddenly wished I were wearing less clothing. Apparently, Edward thought this too as he murmured "Now, this is a very pretty dress, but I think it needs to come off."

I bit down on my lip. "Edward, please...I need you."

Leave me a comment if you liked it :). I know it's quite different from the rest of ICF, but it gives new insight into Bella's past with Edward. Donations are still being accepted until June 14th, go here to find out where to go to donate. As little as $5 is enough to get this great compilation of fics while helping out the victims of the flooding in Tennessee. Thanks! xx

Polyvore outfit sets for ICF

I've made outfit sets on Polyvore for each chapter of I Caught Fire so far. The links are also available on my ff.net profile but I thought I'd post them here. I hope they add to your visual for the story:

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