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Teaser for ICF chapter 17

Yeah, this took a while, I know. Got sidetracked by posting my other historical multichap and a new slash oneshot, but I'm back to working on ICF now. I love this story but I just have to take my time over it. This chapter will be posting very soon, here's the pictease and teaser below:

Jasper ushered me into the restaurant, his hand on my back as we ascended the steps. I wobbled on the top step and nearly lost my balance, but thankfully, his hand caught my arm just in time. I blushed furiously, cursing both the fact that I was clumsy and my decision to wear these stupid shoes I couldn't even walk in. I would have hoped I'd learned my lesson after that night at Esme's where my feet had been covered in blisters the next day from the walk home, but apparently not.

“Careful, there,” he told me as he pushed the heavy glass door open, holding it open for me as I walked inside.

“Shut up,” I murmured as we entered the room, refusing to look at him and see the smirk he was obviously sporting. It was filled with a soft glow, accentuated by the pale cream walls and black wooden tables and chairs arranged in perfect lines. There were a mix of customers already there – couples, friends, families, and it seemed like a nice relaxed place with a pleasant atmosphere. Too quiet a restaurant would have made me feel nervous. Here, I felt comfortable, and I hoped Jasper would too. “I'm so clumsy I swear it must be a medical condition or something,” I added with a sigh.

“I think it's cute,” he said very genuinely, smiling at me in that way that made me virtually turn to liquid.

“It's cute until I break my neck in these stupid shoes.”

He looked down at the purple, strappy suede stilettos on my feet, with their four-inch heels, and let out a sharp intake of breath. “I know you can't really walk in those, but hell, they're hot. I'll just hang on to your arm whenever you aren't sitting down.”

I'm sure that teaser gave you a good idea...bwahahaha. Am I evil, teasing whore? Why yes, I am. Hope you enjoy it when it's up, and I love you all for still reading and sticking with these two. xxx

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Teaser/pictease for my new slash oneshot

I've been totally fail at using this blog lately, so sorry about that. I'm working on the next ICF update and have a bunch of other projects going on too, but in the meantime, because I'm clearly crazy, I also found time to write a whole new oneshot. It's Edward/Jasper, my first slash and I hope you'll give it a try. It's smutty but also emotional. It'll be up in the next few days. Pictease and teaser below:

I tilt the glass to my lips, savouring the taste: mint, cedar, spice. I drink it down, relishing the slow, sharp burn as the whiskey works its way inside me, searing away at least a little of the numbness. The hot, dark amber is soothing as it slips down my throat, and for a moment, I imagine that he's still here. That any minute I'll turn my head from the bar stool and see him smile at me, feel his warm hand slip into mine, and hear him order his usual - just a plain old beer. He never quite acquired my taste for whiskey, something I'd often tease him about. Now I'd give anything to have him here drinking his watered-down-piss beer and running a hand through his burnished copper hair; that nervous habit I always adored on him.

The bar is packed with drunken laughter and an air of happiness and contentment. It's just under a month until Christmas, and traces are everywhere: tinsel, the tree by the bar strung with colourful lights, the frost clinging to the window frame. It's the end of the working week, everybody coming together to enjoy the preamble to the weekend. This stings me more than it might, because usually, he would be here. We'd be sitting over in the usual corner with friends, laughing and talking as we let alcohol wash away the week's stresses. Even while absorbed in conversation with others, our eyes would meet from time to time in a silent promise of later. A promise of heated sweat-slick skin against cool sheets and hot, hard kisses as bodies, hands and mouths moved together.

Edward. My lips form the syllables of that oh-so-familiar name automatically, even if I do not verbalise them. It tastes harsh and bitter on my tongue, like unripe fruit or milk that's soured, a far cry from the sweetness it once held for me. 
Thanks for reading. xxx

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ICF Chapter 14 Teaser

It's been a long time, folks, but I've been really busy. Just started a new job so that's been super-hectic, and my fabulous beta SunKing has been finishing her second novel - which is amazingly exciting! Go and buy the first novel in the series, The Kingdom, on Amazon and read it if you haven't already. It's a great blend of mythology, legend and romance and you can buy it here.

Anyway, without further ado, here's a teaser for chapter 14 of ICF:

“You're really quite beautiful, you know,” Bella suddenly slurred, hiccuping into her drink, and I laughed. She was definitely more than a bit toasted if she was saying things like that to me. It wasn't the first time someone had told me that, but it hadn't happened to me in a long time. It was nice to hear, though, of course.

“Look who's talking. You aren't so bad yourself.”

She smiled slowly, the corner of her lips turning until her smile was in full bloom. The pale glow of her smooth complexion in the dim room, and her slightly pink cheeks coupled with that gorgeous smile did something to my insides. Her lips parted a fraction, and they were rosy and just barely moist. I couldn't help but entertain the possibility of kissing her. I toyed with a strand of her hair that had slipped from her ponytail, and she stepped closer. Her fingers were white where she was gripping her glass so firmly, and I wondered if she was nervous as I was. It wasn't just the four beers I'd had, or the way she smiled that drove me to action; it was more than that. She made me feel happy in a way I'd almost forgotten I could be.

I knew then that I was going to kiss her. My feet shuffled forward, but she didn't recoil from my closeness. Her head tilted the side, and I let my fingers trace her cheek as I moved in so close I could feel her breath on my lips. She smelled like vodka and sweetness and something irresistible

Hope you all enjoyed that and the chapter is coming later tonight xxx

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ICF Chapter 13 Teaser and explanations

Hi all, I apologise for not posting a teaser for chapter 12 but I was away for a week and when I got back I just posted as I thought you'd all like to have the chapter quicker. Also, as many of you know, sadly pulled chapter 3 for mature content which violated their TOS, without warning. This has meant I've had to leave an extract up in chapter 3's place, with the link to go and read it on Twilighted. I am still continuing to post my story on, but any future smutty chapters will only be posted in full on Twilighted. I'll hope you'll go and read them there!

Without further ado, here's a teaser for chapter 13:

“Oh my God, shut up!” I said, flushing scarlet as I tried to suppress a giggle. “I literally ran out of the house in the first thing I found. My mother sent this stupid t-shirt to me a couple of years ago - she has a strange sense of humour.”

“No, no,” he said, smiling. “It looks good on you, seriously. You’re working an eighties look today.” He cocked one eyebrow and I burst out giggling, clapping a hand over my mouth.

“Uh, thanks I guess,” I said after a moment, a hint of a smile still playing on my lips.

He made a face. “Did I just say you were ‘working a look’? I think it’s spending too much time around Charlotte reading her fashion magazines behind the bar. I must be absorbing the stupid phrases they use by osmosis or something.”

“It’s okay. It made me laugh, even if you’re a terrible liar. I’m wearing the most ridiculous clothes I own and I have no makeup on.”

“You don’t need it. You’ve got lovely skin,” he said quietly, his eyes lingering on my face just a moment too long. That was the thing about Jasper. He could be completely normal and jokey, and then he’d suddenly compliment me in that intense, sexy voice of his, and I’d turn to jelly. I felt a hint of warmth over my body, and felt ashamed at how much he affected me. Swallowing, I coughed nervously and he looked away, biting down on his lip as if he were aware he’d said something he shouldn’t.

“You flatter me too much,” I said lightly, trying to break the tension, and was relieved when his face creased into a smile.

“Just as much as you deserve to be, beautiful,” he said, taking a sip of his coffee. I drank a little of mine for something to do, and felt the hazy, woolly feeling in my brain begin to lift as the caffeine worked its way into my system. I was aware that he was flirting with me, was with Jasper it was hard to gauge how serious he was being. He was that kind of guy, really, so it could have been entirely innocent. However, the possibility that there was a hint of meaning behind his words made them even more delicious. It dawned on me that he probably spent his whole time saying those kinds of things to girls at the bar, and yet, I was eating them up. How pathetic. I fiddled with my hair, trying to compose myself.

Hope you enjoyed that little taste of what's to come! The chapter will be on its way

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ICF Chapter 11 Teaser

I started to peg items of clothing on the line methodically, losing myself in the simple task. As I worked my way along the line, holding a couple of pegs in my mouth at a time, my thoughts inevitably drifted back to the fiasco that had been Wednesday's dinner party. I'd been dissecting the events of that night down to the most minute detail since the moment I'd left Jasper and shut the front door behind me. I wasn't keen to admit to myself that our bizarre conversation on the walk home and our vow to be friends were the two events that preoccupied me the most, but it was true. By the next morning, I was virtually certain that Esme was fully aware of the situation between Jasper and me. I wasn't sure how I felt about that, but she was obviously a shrewd woman, so I couldn't have expected anything less. Of course, I adored Esme and she'd been such a kind hostess, but it still felt odd that someone else was aware of a situation that was very private for me. It helped some that I knew I could trust her to be discreet. Angela knew a little as well, so I supposed I wouldn't be able keep it a secret forever.

I grinned to myself as I remembered Angela returned that day. She'd been away on some geography field trip to the Isle of Arran, which as far as I knew was some place off mainland Scotland. During our sporadic chats over the past few months, we'd progressed from housemates to friends, which was nice. She was the closest thing I had for a girlfriend besides Esme, and I'd missed her.

I know this one's been a bit slow coming, but the boyfriend came to stay for the week so I spent time with him instead of working on the fic :). It'll be up very soon, I promise! xxx

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ICF Chapter 10 Polyvore set

Yeah, I know I need to make Jasper wear something other than skinny black pants for a change. Enjoy! xx

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

ICF Chapter 10 Teaser


“Look, I know you're pissed at me, but can you just hear me out?” I asked, painfully aware of how pathetic I was beginning to sound. She jarred to a halt, turning to face me, and I was blown away again by her beauty. That long, silky dark hair, her coat open at the waist to reveal the red dress that hugged every curve, right down to her fuck-me heels. She tucked the coat around her tightly, and I hoped she hadn't caught me ogling her so blatantly.

“Jasper, I'm really not interested,” she hissed. “You can fuck as many whores as you like. I just think that it's a little cheap to start putting the moves on one the second my back's turned.”

I had to admit, that really pissed me off. She was getting it all wrong. But then I thought back to that night, and how it might have looked to her.

“It wasn't like that,” I protested, but that wasn't good enough for Bella. She kept stalking ahead of me down the road, her arms folded, but this time I caught up with her. As I walked beside her, echoing her steps, she deliberately avoided my gaze. We were almost at the bottom of the hill by that point, and it would only be a few minutes before we reached the station. I didn't have long to make my case.

Hope you liked it, and the next chapter should hopefully be up by the end of week. Thanks! xx

ICF Chapter 9 Polvore Set

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ICF Chapter 9 Teasers

So, how long have you know Jasper?” I asked nonchalantly, absently twisting my hair round my fingers. Esme looked up from where she was stacking wine glasses in the dishwasher.

Oh, about three years, I think,” she said airily, rinsing her hands in the sink. “I met him at a book reading and we just hit it off.” She smiled fondly at the memory. “He's attractive, don't you think?”

I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers,” I replied, trying to inject some humour to make my questions more innocuous. She laughed.

Nor would most girls. But there's more to him than you'd think. Sure, he works in a bar, but he's got an impressive book collection and he's well-educated. He's quite a private person though, so I guess he doesn't like everyone knowing that.” My mind recalled an apartment with white walls and wooden floors, where there were glass shelves crammed with books. Yes, I knew that Jasper liked to read.

If he's so well-educated, why does he work in a bar?” My interest was piqued. I'd known from the moment I'd met him that he was intelligent, but this was more than I'd expected.

You'd have to ask him that,” Esme said slowly, casting her eyes down to the floor. She looked up, and to my relief, she didn't seem angry. “Look, he likes to play the confident, cocky guy, but underneath it all he's a real sweetheart. He always looks after me. Don't tell him I said that, though – he'd be mortified.”

I wouldn't. I guess everyone has different sides to them,” I replied, nodding. “Is he seeing anyone at the minute?” I couldn't resist adding.

Teehee. I'm hoping it will be up by next week. Thanks for reading!  xxx

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ICF 8 - Polyvore Set

I love Esme's shoes so much, JS. Teaser for chapter 9 is coming soon! xx

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Fics4Nashville Teaser - ICF outtake

Donors/authors for the Fics4Nashville fundraiser will be getting this on the 5th, but I thought I'd post a quick teaser anyway. This is an outtake from ICF, a continuation of Bella's flashback in chapter 5. It's rated M and is an E/B pairing:

"Have I told you yet how utterly seductive you look right now, Miss Swan?" Edward said, biting his lip as he appraised me. I felt a sudden spark of desire that fired straight to my core and was forced to fight the embarrassing urge to rub my thighs together to relieve the pressure. I giggled nervously, blushing a colour that matched the pink, floral sundress that I wore. It was admittedly quite skimpy, and I hadn't been sure whether to put it on that morning. I reddened further, but there was only adoration in Edward's eyes.

His lips found my forehead, my eyelids, and then my cheeks, stopping just short of my lips. "It's lovely when you blush." I dragged him to me then, devouring his mouth with frantic urgency, and a slight edge of anger. I was a tad pissed off, to be honest, that he'd gone out of his way to bribe an Ivy League university just so we could go there together. And at the same time unfathomably grateful. It was a heady cocktail of emotions. He groaned into my mouth, and the next second, had swept me up into his arms.

He carried me up the stairs to my bedroom, and we both laughed when I accidentally bumped my head on the rafters that were halfway up. He placed me on the bed carefully and unbuckled my white sandals one by one, caressing my feet gently as he dropped them to the floor. He kicked his own sandals off. Sweat was beginning to bead on my forehead, for the roof was stiflingly hot from the 86° weather outside, unprecedented heat for Forks in April. I suddenly wished I were wearing less clothing. Apparently, Edward thought this too as he murmured "Now, this is a very pretty dress, but I think it needs to come off."

I bit down on my lip. "Edward, please...I need you."

Leave me a comment if you liked it :). I know it's quite different from the rest of ICF, but it gives new insight into Bella's past with Edward. Donations are still being accepted until June 14th, go here to find out where to go to donate. As little as $5 is enough to get this great compilation of fics while helping out the victims of the flooding in Tennessee. Thanks! xx

Polyvore outfit sets for ICF

I've made outfit sets on Polyvore for each chapter of I Caught Fire so far. The links are also available on my profile but I thought I'd post them here. I hope they add to your visual for the story:

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ICF Chapter 7 Teaser

Teasers for ICF chapter 7 - picture and written form. Enjoy!


Written teaser:

I was in emotional turmoil. And it didn't have much to do with Jasper, or whoever that girl was. It was Edward. I missed him so desperately that every part of me ached to have him here. I wanted him to hold me, to tell me that everything was going to be okay – to take it all away. But of course, if he was here, this wouldn't be happening. You wouldn't even be here. How I wished I could go back in time, that there was something, anything I could have done to prevent his maligned fate. The headlines in the local papers swam in my mind: 'Tragic Teen Takes Own Life', 'High School Sweethearts Separated By Suicide'. The ridiculous, banal words bounced around my head, and none of them seemed to apply to Edward and I, or to the devastation it had caused all those who knew him. Even all through the darkness of the depression he'd intermittently suffered from, I never would have thought that he would have resorted to that. These were thoughts I'd refused to let myself have in a long time, but it was as if the brief exchange with Kate the other day had opened a floodgate. Or maybe it was Jasper. I felt a jolt in my stomach as he came to mind, and sought to banish that particular thought. Either way, I had a sickening feeling that there was no going back. I was going to have to confront my emotions, rather than subsuming them in loneliness and nicotine.

Quite a deep moment there, but I didn't want to reveal too much from the rest of the chapter!


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Chapter 6 Teasers

All the positive responses I got for the last chapter were great - thanks so much to all of you who read it, and especially to those who reviewed :).

Without further ado, here are the teasers - both a pictease and a written teaser:

“I just don't want to get into something that's more than one night," she told me with a heavy sigh. "I can't do it. You wouldn't like who I was if you really knew me. You already know a little too much about me.”

I realised she was referring to her own self-destructive habits, and she cast her eyes down in embarrassment. “That doesn't matter one bit. I doubt you'd like the real me, either,” I told her. Actually, it did matter, and I really hated that she did it, but I knew it was her problem to deal with. This conversation was getting a little too deep, considering the fact that we were in a loud rock club. “Okay, fine,” I added. “I know you're not looking for anything serious, and neither am I. Can't we just...hang out?” I left a pause for suggestiveness, but I was sure it wasn't necessary. She knew what I meant, either way.

“I don't think that would be good for me,” she muttered, her expression still careful. Well, actually, Bella, I think it would be very good for me. But hey...“You're not my type, Jasper. And I'm not the kind of girl you'd want. I'm not...normal.”

Bella definitely wasn't my type either. For one thing, her breasts were definitely her own. I involuntarily shot a glance at her neckline, taking in the soft curves of her cleavage that peeked out of the tank top. Stop it! I returned my gaze to her face, and it seemed she hadn't noticed my blatant leering.

“Can you even believe for just a second that I'm not some total jerk?”

“No,” she told me as she squared her hands on her hips, her brown eyes blazing with an unquenchable fire. She looked stunning, even if she was pissed at me, and I couldn't help feeling slightly in awe of her. “You're a bartender. I don't think that usually translates into being Mr Reliable.”

In spite of myself, I bristled at that comment. “It's my fucking job, Bella,” I spat. “It doesn't make me who I am.”

“Then what does?” Her gaze was searching, and she looked like she was afraid of the answer.

Hope you all enjoyed that and the next chapter is coming soon.

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Chapter 5 Pictease and Teaser

Hi guys! Sorry for taking such a long-ass time to get around to this chapter, but I had to take a break to complete my thesis. Things are now pretty much back on schedule. The next chapter will go live hopefully early next week, it's currently with my wonderful beta.

Here's the pictease for Chapter 5: Control:

And the teaser:

“Bella,” Angela began reluctantly, “are your lips...bruised?” One of her eyebrows arched as she said this, and I knew there was no point trying to hide it from her. I was pretty sure she wouldn't tell anyone, so there was no chance of everyone on campus thinking I was a whore.

“So that's why you weren't in when I got home from the movies late last night,” she surmised, blushing a little herself. There was a pause, and I took another bite of my breakfast to alleviate the anxiety I felt about actually telling someone else something about my life.

“Yeah,” I said finally, looking her squarely in the eye. “I met this guy last night, and went back to his place. But shh. And he's not a psycho, don't worry.” As I said that, I had to stifle a snort. I had no idea whether Jasper was a psycho or not, he could have been. No, I think he's just screwed up as hell about something. Maybe an ex-girlfriend. Angela smiled kindly, taking a sip of her coffee and pouring a mug for me. I took the hot drink, cradling it in my hands as I waited for her to speak.

“Well, I guess it's your business, Bella,” she said quietly, stirring her coffee with pursed lips. Her expression was a little odd, and I was immediately worried. Had I said too much? I relaxed as her face creased into a smile. “Just tell me one thing,” she said in a conspiratorial tone. “Was he hot?”

I laughed. That was so not an Angela thing to say, but I kind of loved her for saying it anyway.
“Oh, Ang,” I sighed, twisting a strand of hair round my fingers. “You have no idea. It was amazing.”

Hope you liked it!


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Banners for my two stories are below:

I Caught Fire, made by ms_ambrosia:

Beneath A Shattered Sky, made by m81170:


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I Caught Fire Chapter 4 Pictease

Sorry I didn't get this one up on Thursday as planned, but the chapter is on schedule to post on Monday, I think. It's not a smutty one this time, but it'll make sense when you read:

For those unfamiliar with London, it's Regent's Park, one of London's eight Royal Parks. A lot of the park is in the borough of Camden where Jasper and Bella both live, hence why I'm providing a picture. It will have a place in the story...

On a personal level and as a resident of the city it's my favourite park out of the big London ones - so beautiful. Enjoy!


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I Caught Fire Chapter 3 Pictease

A pictease for chapter 3. Enjoy!

What a picture. Yum! Chapter 3 will be up on Monday. Check out the teaser on the Darlins' blog if you'd like to read an excerpt. xxx

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Pictease for Chapter 2 of 'I Caught Fire'

Well, I Caught Fire, my new Jasper/Bella fanfic is up - woooo! It's been a long time in the continuing with Beneath A Shattered Sky too and a thesis so it's busy busy busy...

There will be a weekly pictease on this blog. The first one, for chapter 2 is below:

Chapter 2: Azure Eyes

And because I want you all to see what my Jasper and Bella look like, here:




Enjoy! xxx

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Teaser for my new fic!

Summary: 20-year-old Bella Swan came to study in London to escape her painful past. She meets Jasper Whitlock, a charismatic bartender who hides the fact he is just as haunted as she is. Can they help each other to heal? M for profanity, disturbing imagery & graphic lemons.
Teaser below. Please excuse grammar/spelling/flow errors as I'm still working on it & haven't sent it to my beta yet:

A moment later, his eyes turned to me and I jolted as if he'd shocked me with an electric current. A smirk was playing on his face. Had he caught me looking? My breath caught in my chest and my heart fluttered as I watched him hand the drink to a customer and operate the till. I carefully seated myself on a bar stool and absently drummed my fingers on the wood as I watched him make his way over to me.
A pair of brilliant blue eyes met mine. “What can I get you, darlin'?” he said with an easy smile. I detected a distinctive Southern US accent, and the way the vowels and consonants rolled off his tongue made his voice sound like liquid sugar. I wanted to hear this gorgeous man speak again

 Pic tease below:

Comments will get Bella to wear those panties in a later chapter! *wink*

gg xxx

Welcome everyone!

This is my first blog ever, so excuse me for being a total n00b about how it all works. If you're on here leave me a comment and say hi!

I'm a fanfic writer & reader who indulges in between working on a thesis (if you have me on Twitter you'll hear me complaining about this on a regular basis). I frickin' love the Twifandom and decided to start a blog just for fun.

I'll be posting my favourite FF's up on here, as well as some pics and teasers. Coming up next, just for Tan - a teaser & a pictease for my Jasper/Bella A/H fic I will begin posting soon!

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