Thursday, 29 July 2010

ICF Chapter 11 Teaser

I started to peg items of clothing on the line methodically, losing myself in the simple task. As I worked my way along the line, holding a couple of pegs in my mouth at a time, my thoughts inevitably drifted back to the fiasco that had been Wednesday's dinner party. I'd been dissecting the events of that night down to the most minute detail since the moment I'd left Jasper and shut the front door behind me. I wasn't keen to admit to myself that our bizarre conversation on the walk home and our vow to be friends were the two events that preoccupied me the most, but it was true. By the next morning, I was virtually certain that Esme was fully aware of the situation between Jasper and me. I wasn't sure how I felt about that, but she was obviously a shrewd woman, so I couldn't have expected anything less. Of course, I adored Esme and she'd been such a kind hostess, but it still felt odd that someone else was aware of a situation that was very private for me. It helped some that I knew I could trust her to be discreet. Angela knew a little as well, so I supposed I wouldn't be able keep it a secret forever.

I grinned to myself as I remembered Angela returned that day. She'd been away on some geography field trip to the Isle of Arran, which as far as I knew was some place off mainland Scotland. During our sporadic chats over the past few months, we'd progressed from housemates to friends, which was nice. She was the closest thing I had for a girlfriend besides Esme, and I'd missed her.

I know this one's been a bit slow coming, but the boyfriend came to stay for the week so I spent time with him instead of working on the fic :). It'll be up very soon, I promise! xxx


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